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PromoSuite Integrates With WideOrbit

Company says this eliminates unnecessary or tedious processes

PromoSuite, WideOrbit, radio automationPromoSuite announced integration between WideOrbit WO Traffic and WO Automation for Radio and its PromoSuite Production radio workflow system.

“This solution will provide many benefits to radio stations using PromoSuite Production,” it said in a press release, “including speeding up the order entry process, streamlining cart number assignments, eliminating duplication, and reducing overhead associated with dubbing audio files into WO Automation for Radio.”

The announcement was made by WideOrbit’s Dub Irvin and PromoSuite’s Rey Mena.

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The integration has three “connection points.” When an AE enters an order for a client and needs a spot produced, client information is populated into PromoSuite Production, which the company says eliminates duplicate effort in communication.

“Second, cart number assignments are immediately synced between the two systems. Third, audio files are directly dubbed into WO Automation for Radio.”