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StreamGuys Building Google Actions

Stations can get into Google’s burgeoning smart home network ecosystem

StreamGuys, Google, Google Assistant, audio streamingStreaming products developer and services provider StreamGuys has announced that it is available for custom development of Google Actions, that company’s equivalent of Alexa Skills. Therefore, users of Google smart speakers and OS-enabled devices be able to access a station’s live and on-demand content through voice commands.

The company says, “StreamGuys’ Google Actions creation service allows broadcasters who don’t have their own in-house development capabilities to take advantage of the growing ecosystem of Google smart devices for engaging their audience.”

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StreamGuys Director of Technology Eduardo Martinez explained, “In today’s media-saturated world, it is important for broadcasters’ brand voice to be presented consistently to their audiences across all listening platforms. … The ability to create tailored experiences also helps them forge deeper relationships with their listeners than the typical ‘cookie cutter’ approach available through third-party aggregators.”

He added, “Our customers have enjoyed using Alexa Skills to better engage their audiences, and our new Google Actions offering lets them extend these benefits onto Google-enabled devices while providing consistent, cross-platform listener experiences.”

For broadcasters using StreamGuys’ CDN and SaaS-based solutions, tight integration between the Google Actions and StreamGuys’ SGmetadata metadata delivery system also allows live stream listeners to ask questions such as “What’s playing?” or “What song is this?”, with the device then speaking out the current song details.

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