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WideOrbit Releases WO Traffic v21.0

Describes “automated solution to simplify the material instructions process”

WideOrbit materials management graphic
A graphic on the WideOrbit website depicts the Electronic Material Instructions process.

WideOrbit announced a new release of its WO Traffic ad sales and commercial operations platform for broadcasters.

“The newest release of WO Traffic marks a significant milestone in the industry with the introduction of the Electronic Material Instructions module, the first automated solution to address the long-standing need to simplify and streamline the material instructions process,” it stated in a press release.

The licensed module integrates with several material instructions providers including ECN, PremiumMedia360, ITN Networks and SpotGenie. More integrations are planned, including Warren Lamb and vCreative.

“These integrations simplify the exchange of new and revised material instructions, helping broadcasters reduce errors (and costly makegoods) while increasing staff productivity,” the company stated.

WO Traffic v21.0 has other enhancements including more intuitive log editing functionality, a customizable Inventory Analysis Report and improved New Orders navigation with easier property location and selection.

The announcement was made by Chief Product Officer Will Offeman, who called the EMI module “a significant step forward in automation for what was previously a highly manual process.”