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RF Scout Nips VSWR Trouble in the Bud

Dielectric is showcasing its RF Scout monitoring system.

Dielectric is showcasing its RF Scout monitoring system.

The RF Scout helps in detecting VSWR problems as they develop and before they affect operations via continuous monitoring of the RF transmission system.

It comprises a rack-mountable unit with two power sensors, associated cables and a dual-directional coupler. The company says these components enable consistent monitoring of the antenna’s forward and reflected power, and can be configured to monitor transmission line pressure and temperature as well.

RF Scout uses a 40 MHz single-board multiprocessor with non-volatile RAM to calculate true VSWR. Years’ worth of data and alarm events can be stored within the system, according to the company.

Dielectric also is featuring its HDR Dibrid combiner; and the HDR Plus series of interleaved FM arrays, which allow broadcasters to simultaneously transmit analog and digital signals, with high isolation between the two inputs. The interleaved antennas also provide redundancy, as both arrays are capable of supporting either the digital or analog signal.

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