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SADiE 6 Updated

Dongle-based security added for portability

SADiE, a veteran of the DAW wars, has made a few announcements concerning its eponymous flagship software. First is an upgrade to SADiE 6, now 6.0.2.

SADiE broadcast consultant Peter Nash explained: “The new release software adds a number of advantages, particularly to editors with new functions in the trim editor that speed up workflow by allowing adjacent clips selection and pairing of clips … Stability with certain Windows issues have now been resolved.”

The second part is the use of a dongle for portable security. Nash says, “The dongle support is particularly useful to customers who are using SADiE 6 for location recording, or in organizations where the software is more likely to move from computer to computer.”

Dongles are shipping. U.S. retail price is $165.