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SAS Debuts Rubi-T With Modules for Input, Talkback

SAS Debuts Rubi-T With Modules for Input, Talkback

Sierra Automated Systems says its Rubi-T Mini Rubicon broadcast console is suitable for edit, news and announce booths; voice-tracking rooms; and effects mixing in on-air studios.
It is a control panel that connects via RS-485 serial to the SAS 32KD digital router/mixer, or the SAS RIOLink mixer/router/remote IO chassis. It can share sources and outputs with the larger SAS system, or stand alone using the RIOLink as a 32×32 mixer/router.
The Rubi-T’s TP-L4 Input module acts as an extension of a Rubicon, or as its own console with its own busses. In addition to the on/off switch, four buttons can be programmed as source select or bus assignment buttons.
The TP-R6 Headphone/Speaker module selects up to six sources for monitoring on the talent’s headphones and studio speakers, with a rotary encoder for level control. The TP-8 Talkback module is used to talk to the control room and other talent.
Booth: N907