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Sonifex Helps ’Em Phone It In

Company shows new multiline hybrid

The Sonifex Phone In 6 is a system for radio show phone-ins that allows hosts to take calls from up to six callers and route them to air through two separate digital telephone hybrids, or to conference two callers together.

It is currently being shown at trade shows with expected delivery in August.

The Phone In 6 can handle six phone lines, analog or ISDN, and using two onboard hybrids, provide two of those calls to the on-air studio. The hybrids are based on Sonifex’s DHY-03 hybrid.

The system comes in two parts: a rackmounted base unit for connecting and maintaining the phone lines and, connected via Ethernet, a remote control unit (shown) for studio or control room operation. The RCU has controls for monitoring and managing the calls or phoning out. The system can match a number of POTS and PBX specs. Features include the ability to play music for callers on hold.

It also includes standard DSP features such echo-cancellation along with gate, ducking and AGC.