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Staco Energy Adds to FirstLine P UPS

New member offers 160–250 kVA

Power products specialist Staco Energy Products has a new member for its FirstLine P uninterruptible power supply family, a unit that measures 160–250 kVA.

Like other FirstLine P UPSes this one is an three-phase, online, double conversion operator with up to 98% efficiency, says Staco. Additionally, up to eight units can be run in parallel. They are hot swappable and remote controllable.

Staco says the units, “are ideal for information technology applications such as those found within the broadcast arena’s highly digitized environment, especially to protect transmitter exciters and HD radio coders, monitoring, remote control and Emergency Alert Systems, links to remote programming sources via digital telephony, satellite, etc., as well as office computers, standalone computers and computer networks for audio playback, program scheduling and more.”