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Vipology Bites Into Radio Market

Announces clients for new smart speaker skills tool platform

Multimedia technology company Vipology has announced it is introducing its VS3 smart speaker skills tools platform to radio broadcasters.

It has also announced service provider agreements with 100 radio stations, including the 24 stations of small group owner Adams Radio Group.

The announcement explained that, among other things, Vipology works with stations to “maximize their placement on smart speakers for cash or barter, and with no setup fee. Vipology also adds new features and skills for stations without additional fees.”

Vipology CEO Chris Peaslee said: “VS3 puts stations at the front of the line in smart speaker technology, and provides them with an easy and economical on-ramp to smart speakers at a time when the urgency to secure station monikers and optimal positioning is high and is critical to their future success.”