What Was That Ad?

RadioAds.com lets listeners search by various ad details to find that spot they can't quite recall
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Advertisers always worry if the ads that they are making are memorable. Also to be considered is whether the listening environment is conducive to listeners recalling the ad.

The folks who started RadioAds.com say that, using information provided by advertisers themselves, the site can be searched by listeners. Advertisers provide ad details such as text, images, Web links, contact numbers and coupons on the site. Listeners use keywords that they may only fleetingly recall to then search for the ad.

RadioAds.com can provide feedback and tracking data to advertisers. RadioAds.com will offer links to online radio advertising dealers such as Google Audio, TargetSpot, Bid4Spots and StrategicMediaInc.

The site developers came up with the idea after they heard an ad about a product they were interested in while traveling but later couldn't recall all of the details.