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AT&T Fights Back Against the FCC’s Proposed $100M Fine

Mobile carrier has “come out swinging”

WASHINGTON�AT&T has �come out swinging� at the FCC over the proposed $100 million fine for alleged violations of the transparency rule in FCC’s 2010 network neutrality order, reports B&C.�

The purposeful slowing of broadband speeds is not an acceptable business model,according to Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman.� AT&T is asserting that the Commission�s reasoning behind the fine is specious and in fact, consumers were not hurt by the practice. �The Commission�s findings that consumers and competition were harmed are devoid of factual support and wholly implausible.�

Additionally, the wireless giant claims the FCC is ignoring similar practices by other companies that have �employed the same congestion management practices and disclosed less,� but �have not been subjected to any similar enforcement action,� according to the�

To date there have been no other similar enforcement actions against any of the big carriers; Wheeler has indeed questioned throttling practices at other providers, and that he�s not terribly impressed with the �but other people are doing it� argument.