German Public Broadcasters Ramp Up Digital Radio Promotion

The campaign begins May 2
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BERLIN � German public broadcasters will, in May, start a new promotional campaign for DAB + on TV, radio, online, magazines and newspapers. A new logo (shown at right) will be rolled out at the same time. �

The campaign begins May 2.

There is increasing interest in DAB+ in Germany. As of September 2016, 8.24 million DAB+ capable radios had been sold. Of new cars sold there, 21% now come with digital radio as standard equipment. With increasing interest from the listening public, there has been more investment in DAB+ transmission, according to Over the past two years�the number of DAB+ mux transmitters has increased from 49 to 110. There is also talk regarding the addition of a second national DAB+ network. And finally, there is increasing interest among local broadcasters to make themselves available on DAB+.


Northern Europe Sees Increase in Digital Radio Licensing, Infrastructure promo image

Digital Radio News From Europe

France’s CSA has approved seven sites in the Hauts-de-France (the north of France) for DAB+; Germany will remain a VHF country for the foreseeable future; and in Norway, over-the-air radio listenership appears to have stabilized