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Norway’s First National FM Switch Off Is Scheduled for Jan. 11

The heads of NRK radio and commercial radio, the head of BBC Radio and the head of radio at EBU will witness the event

OSLO � Perhaps you�re the kind of person that won�t believe something until you see it. If so, and you don�t believe FM is seeing its demise in Norway, then bear this in mind: You’re invited to the world�s first switch-off of national FM transmissions.

Jan. 11will be a historic day for radio, as Norway becomes the first country in the world to move toward fully digital radio transmissions. The national FM networks will be switched off region by region, starting in Nordland on Jan. 11; the event will take place in Bod�, and the final switch-off will be done at 11:11 p.m. (CET).�The heads of NRK radio and commercial radio will be in Bod� to represent the Norwegian radio industry. The head of BBC radio, Helen Boaden, and head of radio at EBU, Graham Dixon, will also attend.�

An international seminar for European broadcasters will be held the day before the historic move of the FM switch-off and an international press-conference will be broadcast on at 2 p.m. (CET).�

The final program schedule will be published closer to the event.�

Over the course of the year, the national FM transmitter networks will be switched off. Local FM stations will remain on the air for at least five more years. �