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OpenDigital Radio Deploys SFN During UK Small-Scale DAB Tests

ODR-mmbTools can be used to form an entirely free and open-source DAB/DAB+ transmission chain

LONDON�ODR-mmbTools is set of free open source software tools that can be used to form an entirely free and open-source DAB/DAB+ transmission chain. These tools are currently developed and maintained by the non-profit�

Mathias Coinchon of Opendigitalradio recently announced the followingnews: �After several weeks of tests we are delighted to announce the first production deployment of the ODR-mmbTools in Single Frequency Network operation. The SFN consists of two overlapping co-channel transmitters serving part of the city of London. The multiplex is operated byU.DAB.

�The multiplex launched on the 28th of October carrying a mix of local, community and online broadcasters and is one of ten DAB trials licensed by Ofcom�the UK communications regulator (coveredherein Digital Radio Update).

Rashid Mustapha (senior broadcast specialist at Ofcom and Open Digital Radio partner) has worked closely with both U.DAB and the ODR development team in Switzerland to realize the trials. Development of SFN in the ODR-mmbTools has been continuously improved, and it has been shown to be stable for continuous operation and working in lab environment but had never been used in production. Rashid stated that one of the main objectives of these trials is to validate the Open Source tools with third party hardware in order to provide an affordable way for smaller radio services to broadcast on the digital radio platform.

�This cost effective SFN solution should help local DAB broadcasters to complete coverage using low power transmitters,� according to Coinchon.��