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Santa Monica’s KCRW Will Soon Take to the Air in Berlin

The re-tender of the VHF frequency 104.1 MHz became necessary at the beginning of 2017 and 11 applicants were invited to participate

LOS ANGELES � I share a transmitter site with KCRW and know their engineering staff well, so this is of special interest to me.� The media council of Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg decided in a recent session on the future use of the frequency 104.1 MHz in Berlin � it will be used by the English-language channel KCRW Berlin.�The grant is for seven years, according to

The re-tender of the VHF frequency 104.1 MHz became necessary at the beginning of 2017.�A total of 11 applicants were invited, including KCRW Berlin, BHeins, Capital Radio Berlin,, MAXX fm, pure FM, Radio Potsdam and Rock Antenne. By July 4, the media council had heard ten of the 11 applicants, and in the meantime, two applicants had withdrawn their applications.

KCRW Berlin applied with a program concept that included some NPR programs, some from KCRW, and some produced in Berlin. The programs of KCRW Berlin will include:

  • The exchange of moderators and shows between Berlin and Santa Monica
  • Daily local news
  • Weekly current shows with local reference
  • Monthly show on German and European public affairs
  • Shows about Berlin’s cult scene
  • Music show about the Berlin Technoszene
  • Music from Berlin DJs of the dance and electronic scene as part of the KCRW show “Metropolis”

“We see the opportunity to receive and further develop an American program for Berlin with KCRW.�So, in the future, there will still be a US-American, as well as a French, British and Russian radio offering,” says Prof. Dr.�Hansj�rgen Rosenbauer, Chairman of the MABB Media Council, quoted in the same article.

KCRW continues to expand its footprint in the world of broadcasting.� Look for a series of articles in the New Year about their brand new facility is Santa Monica, Caiif.��