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Venue Owners Need to Offset Wi-Fi Network Costs

Boingo VP talks Wi-F

LOS ANGELES�Streaming media via Wi-Fi: for the most part, it works great. It�s nice to be able to stream your favorite audio service while sitting in the coffee shop in the morning.�

�We�ve gone from an era in which, when public Wi-Fi first came out, it was always assumed you�d pay for it. Then we saw this era happen where there was this drive toward making everything free. That�s now driven the widespread adoption of ad-based and other kinds of enabled-response Wi-Fi experiences.�The big question is: Where is this all going to go?� says Marc Patterson, VP of product forBoingo Wireless, in�

He goes on to say: �Public Wi-Fi as a service is undergoing a �pendulum swing at the moment, as customers want free service but venue owners need to offset network costs.�

Patterson also says that he foresees a time in the near future where venues that have offered free Wi-Fi will soon offer it on a �tiered� basis�in other words, depending upon what you want to do, it might cost you some. �