Tech Tips

Repairs Extend Lives of FM Exciters
Our intrepid engineer continues to find solutions to basic problems More

Boston: LeClair — Engineering Critical to Crisis Coverage
WBUR’s Michael LeClair led the station’s technical efforts to cover the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. More

Assess Your Station’s Risk Factors
Engineers: Go easy on yourselves and account for problems before they happen More

RDS Displays Should Make Sense
Here are techniques that can be applied to all of your metadata delivery platforms More

STL Antennas — Too Much Height?
Usually height is a good thing with STL antennas. But not always. More

It Matters When You Test Your Generator
Do your state laws prevent you from prepping your genset when it matters most? More

Your Scope Is a Tool for All Seasons
An oscilloscope remains an important and useful test instrument for many purposes More

Grady’s Mountaintop Challenge
Elenos and Shively help solve a last-minute problem More

Due Diligence Heads Off Acquisition Surprises
Helpful tips for engineers working on acquisitions More

Avoid Hall of Shame: Don’t Take Shortcuts
Got a master plan? Stick with it. No master plan? Create one More

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