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Looking for Info About Radio Liberación

Book author seeks info about CIA role in radio in the 1960s

Dear Editor:

I’m an American freelance journalist in Florida writing a book, partly about the CIA’s use of radio as a propaganda tool.

Fidel Castro, Lionel Martin. Barbara Walters
Lionel Martin, far right, is seen in a 1975 photo of Fidel Castro. Barbara Walters is at left.

In 1954, the CIA broadcast propaganda messages on Radio Liberación over Guatemala. Then in 1968, Radio Liberación, the “Cuban underground radio station,” announced that their 150 kW transmitter (three times the size of any single radio station in the U.S.) was being readied for a propaganda offensive against the United States, allegedly to be headed by an American, identified by Radio Liberación as Lionel Martin.

Testimony given before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS) on March 7, 1967 indicated that Cuba’s new radio potency could blank out the 47 U.S. radio stations in proximity to the East and Gulf coasts.

In 2012, writing on Radio World’s website, Philip Galasso wrote “Cuba Has Long Been a Radio Presence.” In it, Galasso recalls listening to 640, Radio Liberación, the former CMQ. But his memories only go back to the mid-1960s.

I would like to know if the CIA repeated their successful 1954 campaign to broadcasts over Cuba in April 1961 during the Bay of Pigs invasion, or perhaps even as recently as 1968. Does anyone out there have any information about this? If so, please contact Bill Streifer at [email protected].


Bill Streifer