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Sulik Dishes on Beasley’s Foray Into the World of Esports

A Q&A with Beasley XP’s new VP of strategic partnerships

Beasley Media Group recently announced Jennifer Sulik will have a leadership role at the company’s new esports division, Beasley XP, serving as vice president of strategic partnerships. We learned more about Sulik and her new gig in an emailed Q&A, shared below and edited for style.

Radio World: How are you defining esports — just computer games or peripheral tech sports events such as drone races? 

Jennifer Sulik: At this point, Beasley XP’s primary involvement in the space is with professional, competitive gaming. Beasley XP was launched at the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas in late September 2018. At that time we introduced our newly acquired show called “Checkpoint XP.” “Checkpoint XP,” airing in 67 markets, is the first internationally syndicated sports talk radio show dedicated 100% to esports and gaming.

Beasley XP’s future (XP standing for “experiential”) will surely encompass additional tech lifestyle content and events. These experiences will likely include drone racing in addition to other AR and VR experiences, as well as a video game music concert series and more.   

[Esports Initiative Entices Beasley as Market Continues to Boom] 

RW: Esports are highly visual — as I understand it, they mostly happens on a screen — how can that be translated onto radio or made into radio programming? 

Sulik: Yes, Beasley Media Group owns radio stations; however, we are very much a media company. Many of our interactions with our listeners actually take place on our websites, within our podcast network and our social media outlets. We view ourselves, and all of our platforms, as a way to deliver desirable, valuable content to our audiences.

RW: Are you planning partnerships with companies like Activision?  

Sulik: Yes. We have started working with both endemic and non-endemic brands that value this audience. One of the most unique aspects of Checkpoint is that the show is completely game- and platform-agnostic. There are four hosts with four different gaming passions.

RW: Did any particular job in your background prepared you for this role?  

Sulik: Understanding how to market to the gamer-audience and industry is very unique and should not be handled with the same methodology as traditional marketing. My role with UBM Tech as the global media sales director for Game Developer Magazine, Gamasutra and Game Developers Conference prepared me for this exciting role with Beasley XP.

RW: What are your goals for Beasley XP in the coming months? How will you define success? 

Sulik: Our number one goal is to create and deliver high-quality content to a highly- engaged audience. We look forward to connecting with our audience through podcasts, social media, streaming, and through our terrestrial radio stations. We define success as audience growth and increased consumption of our content, as well as increased engagements.

RW: Is there anything else Radio World readers should know? 

Sulik: Beasley Media Group is making bold moves to reach and create valuable experiences with our audiences of today and tomorrow.

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