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Nigeria’s Premier Radio Goes With AEQ

New FM station uses its consoles and automation

From our Who’s Buying What page: A new radio station that serves listeners in northern Nigeria is using AEQ consoles and automation.

Premier Radio 102.7FM is a private broadcaster in Kano State. “It is the second largest state after the capital with a potential audience of over 19 million people, and a rich history and culture with its own languages such as Hausa and Fulfulde,” AEQ wrote in a press release.

“Premier Radio is essentially a community radio station with sports variety sports, news and entertainment programming, focused on the country’s Kano culture and events such as the Durbar Equestrian Festival.”

Shehu Usman Salihu is shown in the new studio.

Equipment provided includes Capitol digital consoles, AudioPlus automation system, Phoenix audio codecs, RadioPix visual radio system, cabling, patch panels and accompanying products including mics, headphones and other audio gear.

To support an unattended online video stream, the Capitol digital console is integrated via IP with the RadioPix system.

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