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Handy Tools: Sensible Products

Handy Tools: Sensible Products

Apr 1, 2013 6:00 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB AMD

Sensible Products Ultimate Puller

Occasionally I talk about very handy and/or clever tools to have while working at transmitter sites. Recently I was made aware of a few of products from Sensible Products. Inspection mirrors are always good to have if you are working on transmitters. Like any mirror though, the image is reversed, right? Well, not if you get the Rite Site mirror, because it corrects the image. The Ultimate Puller is good to have if you find yourself changing out blower motors. Often you can obtain a new motor, but getting the squirrel cage apart is sometimes hard to do. Ultimate Puller addresses that part of the problem.

Sensible Products Magnetic Stick Light

The company also makes the extendable magnetic flashlight that has an inspection mirror on it (no image correction though). The Magnetic Stick Light could come in very hand while you have your head stuck in some kind of cabinet, whether a transmitter or studio furniture (as long as a piece of steel is nearby). If you’re like me and you occasionally drop a screw then having the lighted pickup tool would be very good. All these tools would be great to have on-hand at the transmitter site. Plan ahead, have them in place and make your job just a little bit easier.

Irwin is RF engineer/project manager for Clear Channel Los Angeles. Contact him at [email protected]. Thanks to Dennis Sloatman for the Sensible Products tip.

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