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Pai Frames 5G Plan at 4G Americas’ Tech Symposium

Commissioner says freeing up spectrum, removing barriers to infrastructure, encouraging innovation/ investment will be key

WASHINGTON�FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai addressed �The Future of Mobile Broadband in the Americas LTE to 5G Network Innovation� at this week�s 4G Americas� Technology Symposium.

He began his speech with a light-hearted reference to the Dr. Dre lyrics �ain�t nuthin� but a �G� thang, baby� � a theme he would continue throughout his speech to the tech crowd. But Pai quickly reminded attendees that 5G technology could be standardized and implemented in as few as five years, serving literally billions of mobile and Internet-of-Things connected devices.

�To meet this extraordinary growth in the demands that will be placed on our mobile networks, engineers are working on 5G solutions that could support data rates in the range of 10 to 50 megabits per second, low latency connections of around 1 millisecond, mobile devices that can use spectrum from below 1 GHz to well above 24 GHz, and networks that can integrate different air interfaces and technologies,� Pai said.

Pai described �freeing up more spectrum, removing barriers to infrastructure deployment, and encouraging innovation and investment in the network and mobile technologies� as the key elements of the 5G framework and added, �in all three of these areas, there is more that the federal government can do and should be doing to ensure that America continues to lead the world as we move from 4G to 5G.�

Read his full remarks here.�