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Sonifex Phone In 6

Sonifex Phone In 6

Sep 7, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Telephone switching system

A six-line telephone switching system designed for radio talk shows, the Phone In 6. It consists of a desktop Remote Control Panel for call control, and a rackmount Base Console that contains all of the audio and telephony connections, including two digital telephone hybrids. The Base Console can be loaded with two, four or six phone line modules, where each module can have two PSTN lines or one ISDN BRI line. The Remote Control Panel has a number of simple push buttons to control call routing and a bright backlit display to show caller information. Any calls on the six inputs can be routed to either of the two hybrids, conference to one hybrid or put on an on-hold line. The Phone In can operate in a self-op mode where the show is entirely controlled by the presenter or using call-screening where an assistant or producer deals with incoming calls manually and then places the calls to the presenter via the on-air buttons. It uses an echo-cancellation DSP algorithm and impedance matching to give around 70dB cancellation.
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