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Abacast Receives Ad Insertion Patent

Patent covers ad insertion technology for Internet streams

Internet audio technology developer and service provider Abacast said the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued the company a patent for technology that inserts ads and songs into Internet streams.

Specifically the technology is called “Content Injection System and Methodology.” An Abacast release explained: “Dynamic ad insertion answers many of the problems that broadcasters have had with some ad replacement systems where, due to the different lengths of inserted and broadcast content, dead air or clipped ads can result.” The company promised that its system produces “a seamless stream, with the same superior quality consumers are used to with broadcast radio.”

Abacast CEO Rob Green said, “Broadcasters need the flexibility to dynamically serve a variety of content types, including ads and songs, to their Internet audience in place of their broadcast advertisements.”

According to Abacast the technology is applicable to mobile device use as well.