American Urban Radio Networks Sets 9/11 Plans

American Urban Radio Networks Sets 9/11 Plans
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American Urban Radio Networks has announced its plans to cover the 9/11 anniversary. "Operation We Remember" includes a heavy focus on African Americans and a news presence in New York, Washington and Pittsburgh. "AURN Producer Richard Marshall has already gotten confirmations for interviews to be used both in the news and on 'The Bev Smith Show' with black firefighters and police officers who in the past have thanked AURN for giving them the coverage the general market media did not," the company said in a press release. Plans include two special drive-time reports. AURN news reports are fed via satellite to 330 affiliates.


Tips for Planning 9/11 Anniversary

Vallie-Richards Consulting has offered its radio clients ideas for planning coverage of the anniversary of Sept. 11. The following is excerpted from the company's "Radio Focus" newsletter, with permission.