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BE Displays HD Radio at Broadcast Asia

BE Displays HD Radio at Broadcast Asia

At the Broadcast Asia show last week, BE displayed a 4MX 50 AM transmitter (its new small 50kW) and an FM 5C solid-state transmitter.
The FM IBOC rack contained the second-generation HD Radio products: IDi 20,
FXi 60, XPi 10, and Kenwood receiver. BE ran a non-live audio loop to demonstrate multicasting as well as “now playing” text displayed on the Kenwood. The IDi 20 importer provisions and encodes the secondary audio channels and associated text data into the HD Radio bitstream.
The XPi 10 signal generator/exporter generates the HD Radio coding of the main channel as well as multiplexing and synchronizing the delivery of data and programming channels.
The FXi 60/250 digital FM exciter, upgraded with an “Exgine” card for generating the HD OFDM carriers for all program and data channels, decodes the incoming HD Radio content from the STL for direct AES/EBU audio input to the analog transmitter.
The AM rack contained BE’s signal generator for HD Radio and a Kenwood receiver.
BE also showed the AudioVault digital audio system with NewsBoss system. The AudioVault was also used to manage audio as well as some data.