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Ibiquity: Receiver Rollout Remains This Summer

Ibiquity: Receiver Rollout Remains This Summer

Contrary to a published report, Ibiquity Digital says the HD Radio receiver rollout will begin as scheduled this summer. The terrestrial digital radio technology developer was reacting to a report that said the receiver rollout would be pushed to ’04 because of the recent pause in standards-setting for IBOC.
Ibiquity SVP/Co-COO Jeff Jury said, “We’re pushing forward on all fronts. We believe this will be resolved. It will be in the short term.”
The DAB Subcommittee of the National Radio System Committee has “temporarily suspended” standards-setting activities for IBOC. Specifically, the group wants to see improvement in Ibiquity’s PAC codec on AM at low bit rates, although the group praises the Ibiquity system overall.
Ibiquity has an improvement plan in place, but doesn’t want to get specific on exactly when the issues in question would be resolved.
Kenwood plans to ship initial HD Radios to retailers in June and ramp up deliveries in August.
Stations continue to go on the air with HD Radio.
Ibiquity said after the recently-completed Public Radio Conference, two additional non-commercial stations recently licensed Ibiquity’s technology, KUSC(FM), Los Angeles and KUOW(FM), Seattle. WUSF(FM), Tampa was the first pubcaster to license and later go on the air with IBOC.