Look for HD Radios This Summer

Look for HD Radios This Summer
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Kenwood USA is taking orders from retailers in May and plans to ship HD Radios in June with a full rollout in July, so learned attendees of "the Digital Landscape" at NAB2003. There are 18 models in the '03 product line, with retail list prices ranging from $180 to $600.
Kenwood has also been shipping HD-Radio-Ready car receivers since January. These work with existing Kenwood head-units.
Retailer Greg Thomas of Ultimate Electronics said consumers want easy-to-use products and with the advent of HD Radio, instead of demoing a combination radio/CD-player by using a CD, a salesperson can ask the customer what their favorite radio station is.


Summer Blitz Anticipated for HD Radio

By this summer, HD Radios will be in stores; more stations will be on the air in digital; and consumers in 13 rollout markets will be blitzed with promotions as the result of a concerted effort by technology developer Ibiquity Digital Corp., receiver makers, stations and the NAB.