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Matheny Chides Apple in Blog

NAB CTO urges company to activate FM chip in iPhones

The NAB continues to press its campaign to pressure Apple into activating the FM chips that the association believes are onboard of Apple iPhones.

In a recently posted NAB Policy Blog, “Setting the Record Straight on FM Radio in iPhones,” Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny lists a number of people and groups that want Apple to activate the chip. Matheny also attempts to counter Apple’s claims that activation is impossible with links to several published iPhone teardowns.

Noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook has spent time in Mobile, Ala., a city not unfamiliar with hurricanes, Matheny writes, “We invite him and Apple to reconsider activating FM radio in iPhones, and we stand ready to work together to enable this important service.”

Recalling that Apple offered an FM app in its iPod Nano, Matheny concluded: “They know how to make FM work, and work well, in their mobile devices. Apple even wrote its own Nano app that allows the user to pause live radio and buffer up to 15 minutes of content. However, Apple has specifically chosen not to offer this functionality in their iPhone.”

Matheny marshals points that radio is popular along with being helpful during emergencies, therefore Apple would make its customers happy by activating the chip and providing FM RF reception. “Activating the FM capabilities in their phones would be simple for them to accomplish if they wanted to, and I believe it would be supported by consumers.”

The full blog can be read here.