McDowell Gives Copps Top Rating

Republican gives Democrat ‘an 11,’ also discusses possible agency changes
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The only Republican FCC Commissioner at present, Robert McDowell, has given new Interim Chairman Michael Copps a thumbs up for how Copps has handled issues for his first few days in that post.

Out of a 1 to 10 scale, McDowell told attendees of the Federal Communications Bar Association luncheon he’d give Copps an 11.

“Chairman Copps acted swiftly to open up lines of communication not only with his fellow commissioners and outside parties but, more importantly, with every employee of the FCC. I have sensed an immediate boost in morale as a result,” said McDowell.

McDowell, like Copps, has called for an agency review to speed up processes and make the agency more efficient — as well as open up communications between offices.

Copps has said he prefers to wait for a permanent chair before actually acting on such proposals, but has begun the conversation, as we reported last week. McDowell said it’s good to begin such concrete discussions now.


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Some FCC observers believe that if a Democrat wins the White House next year, Commissioner Michael Copps would be on the short list to become the next chairman.

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