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Michel Martin Is Still “Going There”

But she’s also joining NPR’s news magazine as weekend host

The new ATC weekend lineup will reflect the new reality of the weekend, according to a press release from NPR, and beginning Oct. 3, Michel Martin joins “All Things Considered” as a weekend host.

The show also will introduce new segments, intended to better fit with the varied paces of Saturday and Sunday.

“For many people, Saturday isn’t a time to relax and unwind, but a day of work,” said Kenya Young, the new executive producer for weekend ATC. “They’re catching up errands, on the news of the week and moving through everyday life. Our program will reflect that and also lay the foundation for a more introspective Sunday vibe.”

Sunday’s program will feature long-form conversations and storytelling around the faith and beliefs that animate people’s lives. Martin’s longtime fans will recognize signature segments such as “The Barbershop” roundtable segment and her “Can I Just Tell You?” commentary.

Martin also spent the past year traveling across the country hosting a series of live events, and the second season of “Michel Martin: Going There,” a national, live events series produced in collaboration with NPR Member stations, begins Nov. 10.