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Nautel Introduces New FM/HD Radio Transmitter Line

GV series are high-power, solid-state, units

Nautel is introducing a new line of high-power, solid-state FM/HD Radio transmitters.

The Nova Scotia-based manufacturer says its new GV series marries Nautel’s high-power transmission architecture, IBOC performance and digital efficiency with intelligent transmitter technologies, control, and operational flexibility.

The GV series expands on Nautel’s advancements in FM transmission, which began six years ago with the NV40, the company says. “The GV series takes all of the innovations in FM transmission that our engineers have developed and rolls them into an advanced and refined digital FM transmitter line,” said Nautel President/CEO Peter Conlon. “We’re confident that GV transmitters will give broadcasters the tools they need for efficient, easy, and reliable digital and analog operation.”

The GV series supports power levels ranging from 3.5 kW to 80 kW and offers features such as high power HD Radio and high digital efficiency. The company notes that its HD PowerBoost is built-in. Operational capabilities include USB audio input, IP Audio I/O, scheduler/playlists, MPX over AES support and LiveWire support. Nautel’s Orban Inside processing is an option.

Designed for high-power requirements, Nautel says the NV40 was the first solid-state FM product to incorporate its advanced user interface along with an integrated digital exciter. Nautel expanded the NV series over the years, adding digital-ready AM transmitters, an importer and exporter to simplify HD Radio installations, plus Orban Inside audio processing, as well as HD Power Boost and asymmetrical sideband operation for improved HD coverage. The product offerings were coupled with advances in the user interface, the Nautel RF Toolkit, and Nautel Phone Home, an advancement in product support.