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On The Expands

On The Expands

On The thinks it has a unique spin on radio advertising. It gives radio listeners and advertisers a way to locate radio ad information. It launched last year as a way to let listeners find phone numbers and Web sites for commercials heard on the radio; now the company says it has evolved to allow users access an expanded database of station call letters, genre/format and contact information.
The company cites a typical scenario in which a listener hears a spot but remembers only the date it aired. “A commercial search at On The using the selected criteria, for example, the date and time the commercial aired, or the state in which it was broadcast, will generate a list of advertisers who are registered with On The and the commercial aired with criteria matching the user’s search terms.”
“The same applies to any advertiser, or listener seeking information about a radio station that caters to a particular audience: a list of stations registered with On The within a 5-mile radius will be displayed that matches the specified criteria.”