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AVT Releases Magic Server Ecosystem

At IBC it also will show a new DAB monitoring decoder

AVT will launch its Magic Server Software Telephone Hybrid and Audio Codec ecosystem at the IBC Show. It will also show a new DAB+ Monitoring Decoder.

Last year the company debuted its Magic Collaboration Services; now it extends its software offering with scalable studio connectivity solutions.

“With the current release of the Magic Server, the Magic telephone hybrids and audio codecs become available as a centralized, scalable software solution,” it states in a release.

“The integration supports all functionalities of the hardware system and integrates Magic Collaboration Services for MS Teams and WebRTC connectivity, which were introduced at IBC 2022.”

It said customers now have the option to choose between traditional hardware and scalable software more easily. The software-based approach is scalable and can be used for small applications as well as complex, large-scale installations at public or commercial broadcasters. In addition to the Magic Server Software, only a regular server or VM is required.

AVT also will release a new monitoring decoder to meet increased demand for centralized DAB monitoring. It is based on the hardware of its DAB+ Multiplexer.

“The monitoring decoder succeeds the Magic AD1 that was aimed primarily at older ETI networks. The new system can monitor up to 50 EDI inputs simultaneously while also decoding 25 signals at a time.”

The decoded signals are available as Ravenna/AES67 outputs. Listening to the audio signal is supported in the web user interface. The EDI platform is compatible with older ETI networks via an optional module. EDI inputs and program decoders can be licensed in a modular fashion.

The new system can be used with AVT’s system manager for integration with other AVT headend devices.

IBC Stand: 8.F76

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