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TFT STL Is Front-Panel Agile

TFT STL Is Front-Panel Agile

TFT Inc. has introduced the 5200 Series Analog STL. The system, frequency agile from the front panel, features a 10-watt transmitter (with optional 20-watt power) and receiver with improved sensitivity, both frequency adjustable in 6.25 kHz steps. An LCD display provides operational information that includes frequency, power, received signal level and VCO voltages. The transmitter can be used with any TFT standard STL accessories.
TFT’s product lineup includes the 5290 transmitter and 5291 receiver, which will be available this summer for 944-952 MHz use in the United States and this fall in other frequency bands for international use. With a list price for transmitter and receiver of $4,695, TFT says the 5200 Series is ideal as a spare for clustered stations or for stations with smaller budgets that need only a basic STL package.
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