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BE Expands Texting Tools With TRE Updates

The Radio Experience targets broadcasters expanding text operations beyond “now playing” song and title information.

(click thumbnail)Broadcast Electronics says it is stepping up non-traditional revenue and relevant text endeavors with upgrades for its text automation system, using The Radio Experience tools.

New modular architecture streamlines message generation and scheduling for text readout on RDS, HD Radio and Internet streaming tuners.

BE says The Radio Experience offerings reflect interest in radio text opportunities as HD Radio and RDS become staples in major-market stations and traditional ad revenues level off. Benefits include insertion of text ads for exposure, and online text plug-ins from weather, sports and other information providers.

The Radio Experience targets broadcasters expanding text operations beyond “now playing“ song and title information.

The data generation and management system draws from BE’s AudioVault digital media system to automate text impressions by the clock as well as by event. It also borrows from BE’s SoniXtream webcast line to integrate plug-in applets from service providers for real-time weather, stocks, sports and other information.

Also, BE ad insertion technology is used by The Radio Experience to track ads and prevent simultaneous running of competing audio and text messages. “Smart“ scheduling prevents a text ad from running at the same time as a competing audio spot, for example.

The Radio Experience line is available in single- or multiple-station configurations; new software versions will be available by show time, with third-party plug-ins to follow.

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