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User Report: Connoisseur Finds Marketron a “Fan Favorite”

Group uses Marketron Traffic system to unite regional empire

Mike Dufort Connoisseur Media 1

The author is senior vice president, Connoisseur Media.

WESTPORT, Conn. — At Connoisseur Media, we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to technologies — especially those that help us engage audiences in new ways and give our advertisers intriguing new opportunities to reach consumers.

Advanced and evolving technologies drive our entire operation, which includes 13 radio stations and various digital brands in four markets: Frederick, Md., Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y., New Haven, Conn., and Metro Fairfield County, Conn..

When it comes to back-office systems like traffic and billing, we need technology solutions that will help our sales professionals negotiate and schedule advertising at maximum value.

Of course, any great traffic system needs to streamline and automate workflows and provide seamless, real-time access to consolidated sales, inventory and billing data. For more than 16 years, we’ve met these requirements with Marketron Traffic.

It is the “fan favorite” in our back office. It’s an integral part of our business and a popular solution with our traffic team.

The cloud-based platform gives all of our divisions transparency into the business from multiple locations. With this mature and easy-to-use solution, traffic personnel from various markets are able to step in and cover each other when needed. One of our markets even uses Marketron Traffic Hub — Marketron’s traffic management service — to handle all traffic department functions in that market.

Unified reporting

One of the strongest features of Marketron Traffic is the integrated reporting capability, which enables key personnel from every level of the business to work from the same set of data presented in a common format.

Based on their individual permission levels as governed by Marketron’s multilevel security, everyone — from sales managers at individual stations to GMs of station groups to managers at the corporate level — is able to access the reporting from a single, unified dashboard.

Even if a manager is only permitted to see a slice of the data, it’s the same data that will be reflected in larger data sets. This might seem like a simple capability, but it’s critical for avoiding confusion, reducing errors and unifying our teams.

With a clean cutoff for running reports and the ability to receive automated reports when we need them, we rely heavily on Marketron Traffic for managing key business metrics such as pacing.

Every morning, I get a PDF report in email with all of the data I need for daily management. It’s truly “set and forget it” — you give the system your own reporting parameters and it handles the rest. Without having to spend time churning out timely reports, our back office team is more efficient, and managers don’t have to spend their time pulling their own data out of the system.

Moving forward, we’re continuing to partner with the Marketron team as they refine their traffic solutions and introduce innovative new solutions.

For instance, we recently introduced the team to Marketron Pitch, an integrated digital ad platform that has allowed us to build up a substantial digital advertising business. Pitch takes into account the significant differences between digital sales workflows and more traditional radio, such as downstream partners that often need to be prepaid.

We’re currently testing a new beta version of Pitch that integrates seamlessly with Marketron Traffic; the result will be an end-to-end electronic workflow for our digital business from proposal to invoice.

With Marketron as our mainstay traffic partner, our radio business is poised for the next generation of profitability. With everyone in the company speaking the same financial language based on accurate and up-to-the-minute data, managers don’t have to work for the reports they need to make informed decisions that facilitate revenue growth.

Radio World User Reports are testimonial articles intended to help readers understand why a colleague chose a particular product to solve a technical situation.

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