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Marketron Lightens Burden of Payment Processing

PayNow gives a boost to Southern Stone Communications

The author is business manager for Southern Stone Communications.

At Southern Stone Communications, we have a long history of delivering entertainment and content to communities across the southeast U.S. Over the past three decades, our stations have offered popular programming including top 40 hits, hip-hop, contemporary, news and talk radio.

We’ve evolved as the industry moved from records to digital streaming, and we’ve adapted and enhanced our services to offer our customers a data-driven approach to advertising. While we’re proud to provide top-notch programming for our listeners and a great customer experience for advertisers, we recently realized that a critical internal process was causing frustration and inefficiency for our business office.

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For years we relied on a manual process to accept credit card payments. In addition to being time-consuming, this process was vulnerable to error and sometimes flat out confusing for our staff. Credit card forms were often filled out incorrectly, and it wasn’t always clear how to apply the payment.

Needing to notify sales reps and clients of declined cards, or to handle a last-minute request to run or rerun a credit card, our team found it difficult to maintain an efficient workflow.

All of that changed when we implemented Marketron Traffic system coupled with its PayNow service. The online payment system takes the burden off our business office and gives our advertising customers a clean, clear interface for applying payments to their invoices.

Marketron, radio traffic and billing

Because setup is straightforward, we were able to shift customers onto the system quickly. And they appreciate being able to pay those invoices at their convenience and easily see where payments are applied.

By bringing payments onto a secure online platform, we’ve done more than simplify the process and reduce error. We’ve also eliminated paper forms and the exchange of payment information via email, thereby removing the liability and potential risk of credit card information being vulnerable at some point in the process. This level of security gives everyone, our team and our customers, greater peace of mind.

Of course, one of the most significant benefits we’ve realized has been time savings. While our average of 7 minutes per manual credit card payment might not sound too onerous, the time really added up across all our markets and stations. And every interruption for card processing took a staff member away from other essential tasks.

Now that we’ve shifted our customers onto Marketron Traffic with PayNow, we’re free from those interruptions. Our customers are happier, and we have reclaimed valuable time that we use to keep the rest of the business running smoothly.

For information, contact Todd Kalman at Marketron at 1-612-790-8464 or visit

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