DVEO Introduces STL

Ogg Vorbis codec used for IP-based STL
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DVEO, often associated with video products, has introduced an IP-based encoder/decoder pairing for radio station IP STL applications.

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The Audio Pipe uses a pair of half-rack boxes, an encoder for origination and a decoder for reception at the transmitter. The pair uses the Ogg Vorbis codec, which DVEO’s release describes as “comparable to AAC+, it delivers much better audio quality than MP3 and uses far less bandwidth.”

The decoder can also handle MP3, WMA and AAC+ streams as well as encrypted files and streams. It also has an SD card port for storing loss-of-signal files on SD cards. The encoder and decoder are compatible with Icecast and the decoder is compatible with SHOUTcast and Windows Media. The system has XLR balanced audio connections.

DVEO teamed with Streamit, a Dutch company, for the Audio Pipe. Streamit provides the software and controlware. The Audio Pipe can be configured remotely.

Laszlo Zoltan, sales manager for DVEO said: “The Audio Pipe is a high quality, cost-effective solution for transmitting radio programs to AM or FM transmitters, cable head-ends, or satellite uplinks … It can also be used to remotely monitor transmitted signals.”

The Audio Pipe is sold in pairs (encoder and decoder). Expected price is $2,495 per pair.

DVEO is the broadcast division of Computer Modules Inc. The company will be at the NAB Show in the South Upper Hall.


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