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A Study in Antenna Patterns

Here's another wonderful radio photo, courtesy of Mark Persons

Radio World loves to receive photographs that capture the allure of radio. Recently, we’ve put out multiple calls to our readership asking for pretty pictures of their facilities, and they did not disappoint! Want to share your own pics? We welcome all photos that capture the wonder of radio. Email them to [email protected].

Broadcast towers look particularly awesome at dusk, as this image sent by Radio World contributor Mark Persons reminds us. Gradations of sky color, rising from magenta to cerulean, provide a striking background for this three-tower AM array, while FM antenna bays and guy wire segments create an engaging series of lines and triangles in silhouette.

The site is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. KLIZ(AM) “The Fan” is 1380 kHz with 5 kW day non-directional, using the unipole-fed center tower. Its 5 kW night signal uses all three towers. 

The center tower features a 10-bay ERI antenna at the top for KLIZ(FM) “The Power Loon,” 100 kW on 107.5 MHz. A three-bay ERI antenna below it serves KUAL(FM) “Cool 103.5” with 20 kW ERP. The city of license for all three is Brainerd, Minn. 

The photo was taken in 2016. Mark adds that the two FMs use circular but opposite polarization to minimize cross-modulation between the FM stations. Pass-reject filters are used in the building to further reduce mixing products. 

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