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IBC Sneak Peek: WorldCast Introduces Ecreso Multiband Sound Processor

The integrated audio processor requires no additional hardware

WorldCast Systems is introducing processing technology into its range of Ecreso FM transmitters as a software feature.

The new software version offers a digital, multiband sound processor with two levels of processing available. The wide-band version features a gated AGC, an improved FM limiter and an MPX power limiter while the multiband version offers a full processing chain that also adds stereo enhancement, five-band processing, five-band limiters, HF and final limiters.

The integrated audio processor requires no additional hardware, which means no additional points of failure in the transmitter system, says the firm.

The new audio processor is available as a software feature on new units and also as an upgrade to the many compact Ecreso FM transmitters in the field.

IBC Stand: 8.C58