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Mackie Adds New Interfaces

Onyx line boxes offer USB or FireWire connections

Recording equipment manufacturer Mackie has released two digital interfaces for its Onyx line, the Blackbird and the Blackjack.

The Onyx Blackbird, shown, is a rackmounted FireWire interface. It has eight channels of standard analog input along with eight channels of ADAT and 16 digital channels. The front offers two Super Channels that also act as DI/inserts and have low-cut filters on them. The unit also has 48V phantom power, word clock and performs at 24-bit/96 kHz.

The Onyx Blackjack is a smaller, two-channel device with a USB connection.

Both the Blackbird and Blackjack ship with Mackie’s Tracktion 3 DAW software. They are also compatible with major DAW programs.

Prices: Onyx Blackbird $629.99; Onyx Blackjack $259.99.