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Soak It in: Summer of Products 2019

It’s new equipment season!

It’s new equipment season!

This annual feature is all about new gear that has come onto the market in recent months, especially during spring convention season.

Check out this installment of products, and also find previous batches online here.

Radial DAN-TX2 Dante Interface

Dante digital networks offer a lot of promise but how does one get non-Dante native audio equipment like CD players, analog mixers, computers or mobile devices onto the AES67/Dante network?

Radial Engineering’s DAN-TX2 is designed for such a mission. Housed in the standard Radial Engineering steel box, the DAN-TX2 offers XLR-1/4-inch combo inputs, RCA inputs and a 3.5 mm input.

Other features include inputs pads (18 dB), a stereo link, power over Ethernet and 24-bit/96 kHz conversion of your analog sources. An optional rackmount kit allows for putting a pair of DAN-TX2s into a rack.



Samson CL7a, CL8a Condenser Microphones

The Samson CL7a is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a capsule sporting a 1.1-inch 3-micron thick, gold-sputtered diaphragm. Samson says it is intended to provide a balanced sound built around a smooth midrange and slight high-frequency lift around 15 kHz, ideally imparting a sense of air around the sound source.

The mic features a cardioid pickup pattern, along with a selectable two-pole high-pass filter at 100 Hz to remove unwanted low-frequency content like stage rumble and wind noise. Additionally, the CL7a can handle SPLs of up to 147 dB, and includes a 10 dB attenuation pad, which is used to prevent overloading the onboard preamplifier by lowering the input sensitivity of the microphone preamp circuit. Inside the durable die-cast body, an internal shock-mount provides protection for capsule and isolation from vibration noise.

Meanwhile, the Samson CL8a multipattern large-diaphragm condenser mic has a custom-tuned capsule with a dual 1.1-inch gold-sputtered, 4-micron thick diaphragm. This design provides a range of selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional). Similar to the CL7a, the CL8a has a selectable, two-pole high-pass filter at 100 Hz and a 10 dB attenuation pad, and it can handle SPLs up to 147 dB.


Art: SOP3-Avid

Avid Pro Tools 2019.5

Avid has released Pro Tools 2019.5, offering new capabilities including higher track counts, the promise of seamless track and timeline interactions during playback and macOS Mojave support, plus immediate availability of multiseat network site licensing.

According to Avid’s announcement, Pro Tools | Ultimate delivers 50% more voices/audio tracks than previous versions, supporting a base voice limit increase to 384, up from 256. Pro Tools | Ultimate software and HD Native customers will be able to further increase the number of available voices up to 768 per system — on par with a three-card Pro Tools | HDX system — with the addition of native Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs.

Pro Tools now supports 1,024 MIDI tracks, up from 512.

The new Pro Tools release has enhanced playback features that enable more fluid creativity in the software, according to the company. For example, users can insert plug-ins, add or delete tracks, change routing or adjust loop duration during playback without playback errors.

Pro Tools | First users can now create and save an unlimited number of projects locally. Users can selectively sync up to three projects to their complimentary cloud storage.

Avid also announced the availability of Pro Tools multiseat network site licensing for facilities and institutions. Multiseat licensing enables administration of multiple Pro Tools seats from a single account and local server, eliminating the need for a multitude of physical iLok dongles and cumbersome site management. A Pro Tools or Pro Tools | Ultimate multiseat license includes the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle — plus HEAT, Pro Tools | MachineControl and Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License — with all Pro Tools | Ultimate seats.

Pro Tools 2019.5 supports macOS Mojave, which is standard on recent Apple computers including the Mac mini 2018 and MacBook Pro 2018.


Art: SOP3-Sage

Sage Alerting Releases Update

Sage Alerting Systems has announced a free firmware update for its ENDEC model 3644.

Firmware Version 89-34 “addresses a changed requirement in the FCC EAS rules, Part 11.33(a)(10), which affects how the valid time frame of an alert is determined.” That modifies the current method of frame validation, according to the company.

Sage adds, “This release does not affect the ENDEC’s reception and relay of the scheduled Aug. 7 National Periodic Test. Whether your ENDEC is running version 89-30, 89-32 or this new version 89-34, your ENDEC will relay the NPT.”

Visit for more information or to download the update.

Perhaps larger than this specific update is a notice from Sage of an upcoming September update that will address changes to the IPAWS server. That update will be a paid update. More information on that coming.