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Steinberg Releases Cubase 10 DAW

Steinberg unveils three flavors of Cubase 10 with the release of Pro, Artist and Elements

Steinberg has released the latest version of its long-running Cubase DAW platform with the V10 introductions of Cubase Pro, Artist and Elements.

Cubase Pro 10 remains the flagship of the series, while Cubase Artist 10 is a slimmer edition, offering the same core technologies as Cubase Pro alongside a number of dedicated production tools. Aimed at novice users, Cubase Elements 10 is an introductory version of the program.

As part of Cubase Pro 10, VariAudio 3 provides pitch correction, introducing enhancements for editing micro pitch levels and adjusting formant shifts. MixConsole Snapshots allows users to save and recall a current mix within the mixer, and can be used for creating and comparing alternate mixes of a project.

A new Pro 10 offering is Audio Alignment, which allows users to align stacked recordings so that vocal and other tracks are in complete sync. REVerence, the convolution reverb in Cubase Pro, adds 20 new impulse responses, covering a range of vintage reverbs.

Smaller additions include AAF import/ export for exchanging data with different systems, improved editing to picture, and the Steinberg Virtual Reality production suite that offers tools for producing VR content.

Meanwhile, the Pro and Artist editions of Cubase 10 now include Distroyer, an effects processor that uses asymmetric distortion. New to both Pro and Artist is a simplified side-chain setup, and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support for multidimensional controllers.

Throughout all editions of version 10, the Channel Strip has undergone significant changes, featuring new metering elements in each module, providing immediate visual feedback and further facilitating the mixing process. Groove Agents SE 5, an instrument within Cubase, has a new GUI as well as additional acoustic and electronic drum content.

The audio engine has also been updated, now supporting 32-bit integer and 64-bit floating point audio for recording, importing/exporting and converting. Plug-ins have been redesigned and can now be dragged from the Media Rack and dropped directly into the project.

Cubase 10 Pro runs $552 download, $580 boxed; Artist costs $302 download, $330 boxed; and Elements is $100 in both download and boxed formats.

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