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WXLO Deploys SFN for Signal Improvement

GeoBroadcast Solutions adds a MaxxCasting licensee in Boston


News from the Radio World “Who’s Buying What” page:

Technology supplier GeoBroadcast Solutions said WXLO is using its MaxxCasting system to improve its FM footprint in the challenging broadcast environs of Boston and nearby.

The Cumulus station began using the system in January. The announcement was made by Cumulus Media Regional VP Bob Goodell and GeoBroadcast Solutions CTO Bill Hieatt.

The station has a hot AC format and serves Boston and Worcester. “WXLO’s newly robust FM signal is now reaching Nielsen Portable People Meters (PPM) and audiences throughout both markets, with approximately 1 million new listeners at home, in businesses and in automobiles receiving clear signals,” GBS stated in a press release. It highlighted improved reach through Boston in Suffolk County as well as heavily populated Middlesex County. The accompanying images were provided by GeoBroadcast Solutions, showing before and after. It said blue indicates the lowest level acceptable for monophonic reception; green is for stereo reception; yellow is very good in-building coverage and orange is good for portable (iPod-type) reception.

“The single-frequency network includes three low-power transmission sites, or ‘nodes,’ to maximize coverage for two markets, including a transmission node located on top of the John Hancock building in downtown Boston,” it said. The nodes are in areas prone to weak coverage, using predictive modeling software to eliminate interference where signals overlap and provide a clean transition as listeners move between transmitter coverages.

The manufacturer said this project solved problems that WXLO had with signal density, building penetration and difficult commuter routes. GBS also called this installation “the best-sounding MaxxCasting system to date” because of its integration of IP networking from GatesAir to support composite digital FM multiplex (MPX) signal transport. The system also has customized directional antenna patterns at each node to optimize propagation.

This is the second MaxxCasting system in Boston; indy WXRV also has one.

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