Canberra, Darwin Will Get Permanent DAB+ Licenses

The trials were conducted by Commercial Radio Australia using DAB+ as their digital radio technology
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SYDNEY, Australia � Following extensive trials of DAB+ in Australian regional capital cities Canberra and Darwin since 2010, applications opened on Nov. 21�for one permanent license�in each city, according to

As previously reported, the trials were�conducted by Commercial Radio Australia using�DAB+ as their digital radio technology. Participants in the Canberra trial included The ABC and SBS.

The licenses will remain in force for 15 years. Digital radio services, using DAB+ technology in VHF Band III spectrum, have been running on a permanent basis in the metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney since July 2009.


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More Australian Radio Listeners Choose DAB+

Digital radio listening has increased in Australia during the first survey for 2015, with 3.2 million people (24.2% of listeners)now listening each week using a DAB+ digital radio in the five metropolitan capitals of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra