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New Regional DAB+ Networks Turned On in Lower Bavaria, the Upper Palatinate

Also, 26.1% of the Bavarian population aged 14 and over older now own a DAB+ radio receiver

    BERLIN, Germany — As of July 3, the local radio stations across Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate can be heard not only via VHF but also via DAB+ on new regional networks.

    In the Upper Palatinate region of Germany, on channel 12D, listeners now have available Radio Charivari Regensburg, in addition to Gong fm, Radio Ramasuri and Radio Galaxy Amberg / Weiden, according to

    In Lower Bavaria on channel 7D listeners now have available Radio Trausnitz, Radio AWN, Radio Passau/Deggendorf, Radio Galaxy Landshut and Radio Galaxy Passau/Deggendorf. The transmitter locations in Lower Bavaria are located in Landshut, Deggendorf, Pfarrkirchen, Rattenberg, the Brotjacklriegel and the Kühberg in Passau.

    More DAB muxes for the regional networks for Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria will commissioned this year, according to the same article.

    The Bavarian State Center for New Media announced recently 26.1% of the Bavarian population aged 14 and over older own a DAB+ radio, which is about a 30% increase over last year, according to