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Romania, Slovenia Planning for Digital Radio Transmission

Terrestrial DAB radio is now gaining more importance in eastern Europe

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia�Slovenia’s Agency for Communications Networks and Services (AKOS) issued a tender in November 2015 regarding a DAB multiplex.� The Public Broadcaster RTV Slovenija was the only company to file a bid, according Jan. 20, AKOSissuedadecision on the allocation of radio frequencies for the DAB+ multiplex R1.� RTV and its transmission unit Oddajniki in zveze will be responsible for managing the new DAB+ network.

In Romania, the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has launched a public consultation on the allocation of digital terrestrial broadcasting multiplexes (T-DAB) in the band 216-230MHz (the top end of band lll).

ANCOM has drawn up a questionnaire addressed to all suppliers potentially interested in acquiring the rights to use the multiplexes to learn their opinions about the manner and conditions for granting the frequencies, and the intentions of incumbents or new entrants regarding any competitive selection procedure for allocation of the spectrum available, according

Those interested are invited to give their views on spectrum bands that could be subject to tender, the number and type of multiplexes (2 multiplexes National / 1 multiplex national and several multiplexes regional or only multiplexes regional) or on obligations to be imposed on the winners (geographical / population coverage / a combination of the above or any obligation).of 2016.� Observations can be sent by fax to +40 372 845 402 or by email ([email protected]).

ANCOM invites all interested persons to submit their replies to thequestionnairepublished on the ANCOM website on Jan. 19.

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