Ampegon Goes Green

Swiss-based firm Ampegon is expanding its business to offer solutions in the sector of green technologies.
The company has developed a unique solution to transform large areas of land at transmission sites into photovoltaic (PV) power plants in order to produce renewable energy onsite.
Ampegon promotes the optimized utilization of fallow land and explains that the key conditions for the creation of PV power plants are fulfilled by most AM transmitter stations.
Required conditions include the availability of energy connections (nearby mains transformers); enough space around the transmitting site; easy access to the unused plot of land; protection/fencing around the area; and exposure to the sun (no obstacles creating shade).
In 2012 Ampegon GmbH in Schifferstadt, Germany began working on a pilot PV project, including the planning of land usage and the securing of necessary construction permits, at a shortwave antenna site in the Wertach valley in southern Germany. The 20 MW solar power plant has been delivering energy since December 2013.

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