NAB Sneak Peek: Comrex to P1lot the Internet

Comrex, well known for its codecs, is taking a slight detour at the NAB Show with the debut of an IP streaming server called P1lot.

The company says that P1lot uses a Linux-based core. It has DSP and a web-based interface. P1lot handles HE-AAC, Opus or MP3 encoding, simultaneously if necessary.

Hardware-wise the half-rack box has no moving parts and does not require a cooling fan. Other features include AES3 and analog balanced inputs.

Comrex’s Chris Crump explained, “For a lot of stations, streaming is handled by an old PC that wasn’t being used for anything else. With no fan sucking in dust, no moving hard drives or flaky operating system, P1L0T is a built for reliability and provides significantly more functionality than that old PC in the corner.”

NAB Booth: C2221
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